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Do you agree, #Suitors?

Do you agree, #Suitors?

Favourite Pairings 2013 ♥ 06. Harvey & Donna (Suits)
↳  I don’t want to find out what kind of lawyer I’d be without you.


I’ve recently found this amazing TV show. And I fall in love with it!
Harvey is so adorable! And Donna. They should have been married for 7 years indeed ^.^ 
I like everything about this show. Plot, jokes, characters and incredible cast! Thank you <3
Now I wait for season finale, and it seems to be breathtaking!

How did last night&#8217;s episode make you feel? 

How did last night’s episode make you feel? 

Donna is&#8230;Donna.

Donna is…Donna.

Tonight, everything changes. Don&#8217;t miss an all-new Suits at 9/8c.

Tonight, everything changes. Don’t miss an all-new Suits at 9/8c.


Favorite Donna Paulsen Scenes [no order]: 4/10

2.3 Meet the New Boss

"Oh my god, what the hell did you order?"

He came, He saw, He conquered.

He came, He saw, He conquered.

That’s what loyalty is.

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Drama&#8217;s never looked so good.

Drama’s never looked so good.